Current Faculty Research Projects

Here are some of the currently funded research projects going on in the UW Electrical Engineering department, listed according to their relevant research curriculum group.

Note: EE program managers and fiscal support staff can edit or update the list of faculty projects here.

Communications and Networking

CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Certifiable, Scalable, and Attack-resilient Submodular Control Framework for Smart Grid Stability
Linda Bushnell, Radha Poovendran, Daniel Kirschen

Developed and Validation of Accurate Clutter Models for AWS-3 Bands and Implications for Spectrum Sharing
Yasuo Kuga, Akira Ishimaru, Sumit Roy

MAPS: Multi-Layer Adaptive and Proactive Strategic Cyber Defense
Radha Poovendran

CPS: Breakthrough: Towards a Science of Attack Composition, Mitigation, and Verification in Cyber-Physical Systems
Radha Poovendran, Linda Bushnell

Radha Poovendran, Maryam Fazel

L2RAVE: Feedback-Driven Learn to Reason in Adversarial Environments for Autonomic Cyber Systems
Radha Poovendran, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Linda Bushnell

SCC-RCN: MOHERE: Mobility, Health, and Resilience in SCC: Building Capacities and Expanding Impact
Radha Poovendran, Lillian Ratliff

SCC-IRG Track 2: Data-Informed Modeling and Correct-by-Design Control Protocols for Personal Mobility in Intelligent Urban Transportation Systems
Lillian Ratliff, Behcet Acikmese, Aero and Astro

Collaborative Research: EAGER: A Wide Area, Persistent Spectrum Monitoring System
Sumit Roy

Collaborative Research: Measurement-Augmented Spectrum Database for White Spaces
Sumit Roy, Prof. Samir R. Das - SUNY @ Stonybrook

Collaborative Research: SAVI: Virtual Institute for Cognitive Networking between S. Africa and USA (iCON)
Sumit Roy

EARS: Mitigating Ultra-Faint RFI to Enable Radio Cosmology
Sumit Roy, Miguel Morales, Physics

NeTS: Small: Collaborative Research: Can LTE & WiFi Live Happily Ever After?
Sumit Roy

New Networked Cognitive Radar: Architectures & System Optimization
Sumit Roy

Pacific Northwest Transportation Consortium (PacTrans): Improving mobility of people and goods
Sumit Roy, Yang Yinhai, Civil Engineering

Modeling, Simulation and Performance Evaluation for Future Public Safety Networks
Sumit Roy, James A. Ritcey, Thomas R. Henderson

Full Duplex RF Transceivers with TX Phase Noise and Integrated Circular Methods
Jacques Christophe Rudell

A Comprehensive Approach to Interference Cancellation And Spurious Reduction in Broadband Wireless Transceivers
Jacques Christophe Rudell

Robust, Efficient All-Digital SIMO Converters for Future SoC Domains
Visvesh Sathe

SaTC: STARSS: Small: Robust, Efficient, True Random Number Generation: Enabling Secure and Ubiquitous Communications for the loT
Visvesh Sathe

Electromagnetics and Remote Sensing

Aerial Dragnet: DCLT of Small UAVs using Active and Passive Radar
Les Atlas, James Pitton (APL)

Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing (NIAC)
Vikram Jandhyala

Portable Fringing Electric Field Dielectrometry Instrumentation and Algorithms
Alex Mamishev

Aerial Dragnet: DCLT of Small UAVs using Active and Passive Radar
Matthew Reynolds, James Pitton, APL

Kilometer Tag
Matthew Reynolds

Aerial Dragnet: DCLT of Small UAVs using Active and Passive Radar
John D. Sahr, James Pitton, APL

Integrated Systems, Circuits and VLSI

An Approach Towards Area Efficient Ultra-Broadband Low Power mmWave Beamforming Transceivers
Jacques Christophe Rudell

Mixed-Signal Design Verification Research
C. J. Richard Shi

Nanotechnology, MEMS and Photonics

RRAM Device Physics
M. P. (Anant) Anantram

MRSEC: UW Molecular Engineering Materials Center (EE sub-budget)
Scott T Dunham, Daniel Gamelin, Chemistry

CAREER: A 'holistic' approach toward scalable quantum optical networks in semiconductors
Kai-Mei Fu

CIF: Medium: Collaborative Research: An Information-theoretic approach to nanopore sequencing
Sreeram Kannan, Jens Gundlach, Physics

Mass-Sensing Nanostructure-enhanced Laser Tweezers
Lih Lin

A Design Automation Tool for Integrated Nanophotonics based on Compact Modeling and Model Order Reduction
Arka Majumdar

Complex dielectrics for low-power silicon photonic phase control
Arka Majumdar

Fast, Sub-Wavelength Spatial Light Modulator using Emerging Materials and Metasurfaces
Arka Majumdar

Hybrid silicon/silica photonics platform for low-power digital optoelectronic switching and logic devices
Arka Majumdar

Power and Energy

EPCN: Quantifying the Resilience of Power Systems to Natural Disasters
Daniel Kirschen, Payman Arabshahi

CPS: Breakthrough: Collaborative Research: The Interweaving of Humans and Physical Systems: A Perspective from Power Systems
Baosen Zhang

Speech, Image, and Video Processing

Nonstationary Stochastic Processes for Passive Sonar Signal Processing (EE sub-budget)
Les Atlas

Nonstationary Stochastic Processes for Passive Sonar Signal Processing (EE sub-budget)
Les Atlas

Advances and Applications in Submodularity for Machine Learning
Jeffrey A. Bilmes

Encoding genomic architecture in the encyclopedia: linking DNA elements, chromatin state, and gene expression in 3D (EE sub-budget)
Jeffrey A. Bilmes, William Noble, Genome Sciences

Optimization and joint modeling for peptide detection by tandem mass spectrometry (EE sub-budget)
Jeffrey A. Bilmes, William Noble, Genome Sciences

The TerraSwarm Research Center (TSRC)
Jeffrey A. Bilmes, Carlos E. Guestrin, Computer Science, Emily Fox, Statistics

Diagram Interpretation and Reasoning via Spoon Feed Learning (EE sub-budget)
Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Ali Farhadi, Computer Science

Answering Questions about Diagrams, Figures and Text
Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Ali Farhadi, Computer Science

II: Medium: Learning Multimodal Knowledge about Entities and Events
Hannaneh Hajishirzi, Ali Farhadi, Computer Science, Yejin Choi, Computer Science

RI: Small: Learning to Read, Ground, and Reason in Multimodal Text
Hannaneh Hajishirzi

Automated Image Processing for Fisheries Applications
Jenq-Neng Hwang

Automated Image Processing for Fisheries Applications
Jenq-Neng Hwang

Electronic Monitoring of Fisheries Science
Jenq-Neng Hwang

Three Dimensional Human Pose Estimation from Image Sequences
Jenq-Neng Hwang

LORELEI: Transfer Learning Across Language Similarity Networks
Katrin Kirchhoff, Jeffrey A. Bilmes

RI: Small: Modeling Idiosyncrasies of Speech for Automatic Spoken Language Processing
Mari Ostendorf, Richard Wright, Linguistics

SHF: Small: Molecular Classifier Circuits for Disease Diagnostics
Georg Seelig

Predictive Modeling of Alternative Splicing and Polyadenylation from Millions of Random Sequences
Georg Seelig, Jay Shendure, Genome Sciences

SHF: Medium: DNA-based Molecular Architecture with Spatially Localized Components
Georg Seelig, Luis H. De Bar Ceze, Computer Science

Systems, Controls, and Robotics

Predictive Models for Sensorimotor Control of Legged Locomotion
Samuel Burden

RII: CPS: Provably-safe Interventions for Human-Cyber-Physical Systems (HCPS)
Samuel Burden

Augmented Co-Robotics for Remediation of Military Munitions Underwater (EE sub-budget)
Howard Jay Chizeck, Andrew Stewart, APL

Model Identification and Adaptive Control of Dynamic Neural systems
Howard Jay Chizeck

Participation on MJ Fox Foundation Review Board
Howard Jay Chizeck

Algorithms for Data Science: Complexity, Scalability, and Robustness (EE sub-budget)
Maryam Fazel, Sham Kakade, Computer Science

CIF: Medium: Collaborative Research: Estimating simultaneously structured models: from phase retrieval to network coding
Maryam Fazel

Distributed Online Optimization in Dynamic Networks
Maryam Fazel

CAREER: Information-theoretic methods for RNA Analytics
Sreeram Kannan

An Auxin Toobox for Synthetic Multicellular Systems
Eric Klavins, Jennifer Nemhauser

UW BIOFAB: Synthetic Biology in the Cloud
Eric Klavins, David Baker, Biochemistry

Collaborative Research: Molecular Programming Architectures, Abstractions, Algorithms, and Applications
Eric Klavins, Georg Seelig

Energy-Efficient Air Management in Data Center Buildings
Alex Mamishev

CRII: CPS: Emerging Markets and Myopic Decision-Making in Multi-Modal Transportation Systems: Modeling and Validation
Lillian Ratliff

High Resolution PET Detectors for Oncology Applications
Jacques Christophe Rudell, Thomas Lewellen, Radiology

Self-patterning DNA materials
Georg Seelig

Synthetic Development Biology: From cells to materials
Georg Seelig, Eric Klavins

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