Current Faculty Research Projects

Here are some of the currently funded research projects going on in the UW Electrical Engineering department, listed according to their relevant research curriculum group.

Note: EE program managers and fiscal support staff can edit or update the list of faculty projects here.

Communications and Networking

CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Certifiable, Scalable, and Attack-resilient Submodular Control Framework for Smart Grid Stability
Linda Bushnell, Daniel Kirschen, Radha Poovendran

Radha Poovendran, Maryam Fazel

Collaborative Research: SAVI: Virtual Institute for Cognitive Networking between S. Africa and USA (iCON)
Sumit Roy

New Networked Cognitive Radar: Architectures & System Optimization
Sumit Roy

Collaborative Research: I/UCRC for Smart Ocean Technology
Sumit Roy, Payman Arabshahi

Electromagnetics and Remote Sensing

Northwest Institute for Advanced Computing (NIAC)
Vikram Jandhyala

Calibration and Validation in Active and Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of SMAP Based on Physical Models for Improved Algorithm Performance
Leung Tsang

Integrated Systems, Circuits and VLSI

An Approach Towards Area Efficient Ultra-Broadband Low Power mmWave Beamforming Transceivers
Jacques Christophe Rudell

Nanotechnology, MEMS and Photonics

RRAM Device Physics
M. P. (Anant) Anantram

Hybrid silicon/silica photonics platform for low-power digital optoelectronic switching and logic devices
Arka Majumdar

Power and Energy

EPCN: Quantifying the Resilience of Power Systems to Natural Disasters
Daniel Kirschen, Payman Arabshahi

CPS: Breakthrough: Collaborative Research: The Interweaving of Humans and Physical Systems: A Perspective from Power Systems
Baosen Zhang

Speech, Image, and Video Processing

The TerraSwarm Research Center (TSRC)
Jeffrey A. Bilmes, Carlos E. Guestrin, Computer Science, Emily Fox, Statistics

Automated Image Processing for Fisheries Applications
Jenq-Neng Hwang

Electronic Monitoring of Fisheries Science
Jenq-Neng Hwang

Systems, Controls, and Robotics

CIF: Medium: Collaborative Research: Estimating simultaneously structured models: from phase retrieval to network coding
Maryam Fazel

Collaborative Research: Molecular Programming Architectures, Abstractions, Algorithms, and Applications
Eric Klavins, Georg Seelig

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