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Collaborative Research: SAVI: Virtual Institute for Cognitive Networking between S. Africa and USA (iCON)

Principal Investigator
Sumit Roy


National Science Foundation

Award Period
09/01/2015 - 08/31/2018

This proposal outlines a plan for the establishment of a new virtual institute for promoting and sustaining research and education collaborations between US and South Africa, with an emphasis on developing/transitioning technology for reliable broadband access for traditionally underserved areas, using dynamic spectrum access techniques with an initial emphasis on TV White Spaces. Data suggest a persistent `digital divide’ (i.e., disparate rates of broadband access based on population density and economic status) even in the economic First World; developing nations face an additional challenge of providing such access affordably and equitably. This constitutes a fundamental 21st Century Grand Challenge with potentially enormous significance for the economic future of nations in a globalized Internet era.

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