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Mixed-Signal Design Verification Research

Principal Investigator
C. J. Richard Shi


Semiconductor Research Corporation

Award Period
09/16/2014 - 09/15/2017

This is an Intel-Foundation/SRCEA (Semiconductor Research Corp Educational Alliance) Ph.D. Fellowship for Chong LI's research on mixed-signal systems-on-chip design verification. Reachability analysis can be employed to formally verify properties of mixed-signal circuits by checking if the reachable states of the dynamic system include certain unsafe states. A more interesting question is that, had the system trajectory reached an unsafe state, how to efficiently identify the initial state and corresponding system input that leads to the unsafe state. Backtrack of system trajectory can be accomplished by backward reachability analysis, which is computationally expensive and potentially unstable. In this work, we propose novel numerical techniques to limit error caused by over-approximation at each time step in backward reachability analysis, and identify system input that causes the system to reach the unsafe states. We demonstrate the proposed techniques can be efficiently applied to system of interest by showing experimental results.

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