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Collaborative Research: Measurement-Augmented Spectrum Database for White Spaces

Principal Investigator
Sumit Roy

Prof. Samir R. Das - SUNY @ Stonybrook

National Science Foundation

Award Period
09/01/2014 - 08/31/2017

With the increasing demand for more wireless spectrum to sustain growth in wireless broadband services, regulatory agencies are envisioning release of many spectrum bands, (e.g. VHF/UHF TV (54-88, 174-216, 470-698 MHz), several 1.5-4.5 GHz federal government bands) that are currently underused or underutilized (the so called White Space (WS) spectrum) for shared secondary use. However, the rules of dynamic access for WS spectrum require secondary users to protect ┬╣primary┬╣ receivers from unacceptable interference. So far, in the case of TV spectrum, government regulations required use of a central spectrum database to indicate WS availability, i.e., to decide where secondary operation is possible at a given location after obeying the primary protection rules. However, such databases so far are completely reliant on empirical radio propagation modeling that - even in the best of the cases - is prone to significant modeling errors. This potentially gives rise to wasted white space opportunity or, even more seriously, violation of primary protection rules. We posit that the path forward is supplement this modeling effort by sparse measurements as available. The intellectual component of this project develops a joint classification-and-interpolation technique based on spatial statistics to utilize such measurement data. The technique is iterative and that utilizes any available measurement data - perhaps crowdsourced - to provide better estimates of protection contours than is possible via propagation modeling alone.

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