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UW EE Graduate Research Showcase,

UW EE Graduate Research Showcase

May 9, 2017 10:30am - 11:20am
EEB 105

Host: Mari Ostendorf


UW EE is proud to present our second annual Graduate Research Showcase Please join us to as eight graduate students present their research in rapid-fire five-minute talks. The topics span a range of areas and show the breadth of research in the department!

* Sandamali Devadithya: "Accelerated millimeter wave image reconstruction"

* Miles Gander: "Digital logic circuits in yeast with CRISPR-dCas9 NOR gates"

* Apoorva Sharma: "Dual Band HF/UHF Implant and External Antennas for Wireless Power and Backscatter Communication in Biomedical Devices"

* Ethan Keeler: "MEMS Resonant Mass Sensor with Enabled Optical Trapping"

* Taylor Fryett: "Patterning enabled quasi-phase matching in 2D material clad optical micro-resonators"

* Jimin Kim: "Neural Interactome: Interactive Visualization of a Neuronal System"

* Farah Nadeem: "Convolutional Neural Network Based Text Classification for Educational Applications"

* Astrini Sie: "Soft tissue classification and diagnostic using a smart surgical grasper for robotic surgery"


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